NCS Grads and Leos go to LazerWorld

Over 50 Grads in attendance for the first Meet-Up of the year!

Over 50 Young People from Crawley attended the first Grad Meet-Up (GMU) post Summer 2017 on the 26th September at Laser World Crawley in Spindle Way. The Leos, led by Chris Cook were joined by Graduates from Summer 2016 and 2017, as well as some young people preparing to take part in the Autumn 2017 programme.

The event gave the young people a chance to meet NCS participants from different waves, giving them yet another chance to get involved in social mixing, as well as seeing all of their friends that they had been missing from programme.

It was a fantastic turnout for the first GMU since finishing the Summer programme, and was fantastic to see so many of our young people who took part over the Summer. NCS is more than just a four-week programme; graduates have access to exclusive local and national opportunities as a result of taking part, with local events in Crawley giving participants a chance to stay involved with volunteering and social action.

“We’re incredibly proud of our local Grad offer, and especially so of our partnership with the Lions Club” says Elinor Adie, NCS Coordinator for Crawley, “I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing work that we can do together with the Leos club in the coming year. Our aim is to give graduates as many opportunities to get involved as possible, through social events like Lazer World, as well as social action ventures. Our GMU in October will focus on our first Graduate social action project – ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, which I’m really excited about!”.

Grad Meet-Ups will take place on the third Monday of each month, between 6-8pm at the Stadium in Broadfield, and will rotate between focusing on Social Action and Social Mixing.

“It was fabulous to see our new Leo’s and the NCS Grads mixing together” said Chris Cook, President of Crawley Lions Club, “We look forward to working jointly with Elinor and Crawley Town Community Foundation to carry on making a difference in Crawley.”

NCS runs across Sussex throughout summer and autumn holidays and costs no more than £50, which covers the entire experience from food and accommodation to activities and travel, with bursaries available on a case by case basis.

Young people and their parents can register their interest today on For further information about the NCS Grad Scheme or Leos, please contact: Elinor Adie, NCS Coordinator:; 07545 853917