Supporting Oriel’s ‘Conversation Conservation’ Area

Crawley Lions Club Centennial Legacy Project.

Katie Jordan, Community Development Co-Cordinator, Oriel High School was delighted to receive gardening and forest equipment for use with the school projects.
Crawley Lions Club were pleased to make the donation to the Crawley school who aim to develop their existing garden area and to involve more students. The creation of a ‘Conversation Conservation’ area will also be a place for people from the school, additionally the Youth Club and members of the local community, to come together and enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills of gardening through intergenerational projects. The final aim of the garden is to grow enough produce to share with the community though baked sales and vegetable sales, to provide donations to local homeless charities.

The forrest equipment will be used to further develop the Forrest School which offers a unique educational experience using the outdoor environment of a local Forrest. The programme offers small groups of students regular opportunities to achieve, and develop confidence through hands on learning in a woodland environment. The woodland provides students with endless opportunities for den building, games and exploration. With a clear set of safety routines and boundaries it allows students to develop a responsible attitude to risk.
Benefits of the Forrest School include:

  • increases the self-esteem and self-confidence of individuals who take part.
    counters a lack of motivation and negative attitude to learning
    improves motivation and encourages concentration
    increases the skills and knowledge of the individuals who take part

Crawley Lions Club, are part of Lions Clubs International who are celebrating their centennial this year.