Responding to disaster

A flood warning signLions can react swiftly when disasters occur within England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. With the help of the general public, Lions club members have assisted with various community disasters, making a real difference to victims in the short and long-term. Community disasters include major flooding such as those affecting Cumbria, the Lake District and York.

Our goal is to raise funds so that we can help assist the clean-up and those who have been forced out of their homes. We must remember that many people face challenges due to damaged property and contents. Your support will help people to recover from the devastation.

We work with local Lions Clubs in the areas affected who know the people and understand what is going on. They can assess the best ways to ensure your support reaches the right needs.  Crawley Lions Club is part of Multiple District 105 which covers the UK. If you would like to donate anything towards our Community Disaster Fund then please click here.