Harley: A feisty and vocal pup

Harley at 6 weeks old
Harley at 6 weeks old

In all the busy-ness of Christmas we didn’t get round to sharing the latest news about our guide dog Harley.

At the end of November we heard:

The last few weeks have been very busy for Harley, the guide dog puppy you are generously sponsoring throughout their first year. Learning to be a guide dog requires the development of lots of special skills, and I am delighted to write to you with a report card (click here) from Harley’s Puppy Training Supervisor to see how he is developing.

On the report card the Puppy Training Supervisor writes:

Feisty pup with first time Puppy Walker. Generally doing well, but has taken time to settle overnight, being quite vocal, and when being left during the day.

Great to hear that Harley is doing well and being vocal. Good Lion Puppy there! We look forward to meeting him soon.