Who are the Lions?

Who are the Lions?

A Rugby Team? A Football Team? Do gooders?

Press cutting about guide dog
Press cutting about supporting Guide Dog’s for the Blind

No. None of these.

Crawley Lions, part of Lions Clubs International, have raised many tens of thousands of pounds for good causes in Crawley and beyond. The members give freely of their time and efforts to serve those less fortunate than themselves.

Lions are individuals who volunteer their time and efforts to humanitarian causes in their local and global communities. As a member of a Lions Club you become aware of your community and have the opportunity to make a difference. Being a Lion empowers you tho help others in a way that no one person could do alone.

Interested in knowing more? Contact our membership secretary Alan Rew by email to membersecretary@crawleylionsclub.co.uk or call 07787 574822