Shelter for Unprotected Children

Child Protection after Typhoon Disaster in Philippines
Child Protection after Typhoon Disaster in the Philippines

The greatest upheaval of families in Europe since World War Two has led many thousands of unaccompanied children to refugee camps and transit areas. Whether orphaned or only temporarily alone, they grieve for lost loved ones while their lives are in chaos. Criminal gangs are identifying the young migrants for exploitation, with prostitution and illegal labour the most likely outcomes. The children need shelter and care to reduce high risks of harm. Lions Clubs International and UNICEF are promoting child-friendly spaces for initial protection and then for use as clinics and schools. Crawley Lions Club has given £2,200 to this end. The donation is matched by the Department for International Development. It purchases four marquees to be fitted with children’s equipment and toys. Crawley Lions Club’s previous donations to disaster relief have included typhoon recovery (Philippines) and earthquake rehabilitation (Pakistan).