Harley’s 12 week Pupdate

Harley at 12 weeks old
Harley at 6 weeks old

Harley is just 12 weeks old and has been living with his Puppy Walker, Lauren, for a few weeks now, so we have been in touch to find out how he’s getting along.

Harley settled into his new home well and Lauren tells us that he is quite a livewire. He has only just started to sleep quietly through the night as he wasn’t happy about being left alone. He is now much more content and will sleep quietly from 11 pm through to 6 am each night, although Lauren will be happier when he sleeps just a little longer. He sleeps in his indoor kennel in the kitchen and now settles easily.

Harley is a very friendly little pup; cats regularly venture into Lauren’s garden and Harley always wags his tail and wants to meet them but they are not interested in him.

Harley is in good health and loves his food. He has recently had his 12 week vaccination which will allow him to explore more of the world around him at his own level, rather than being carried by Lauren in areas that other dogs may have been. Despite these limitations, Laruen and Harley have been busy getting out to the local supermarkets and shopping centre’s where he attracts a lot of attention, but he is keen to keep moving and will bark at Lauren if they stop for too long.

Lauren has been teaching Harley some of his basic commands, and we are pleased to report that he is already responding well to ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘wait’ and he is happy to ‘sit and wait’ for the whistle to be blown before he eats his meals. Harley’s toilet training is also progressing nicely and he is quite content to take himself out to his spending area when necessary.

Being a confident traveller on all forms of transport is also an important skill for Harley to master. He and Lauren have been spending time at a train station so that he can get used to the different sights, sounds and smells. Harley was not at all fazed by this experience and appeared interested in everything he saw. Travelling in the car isn’t a problem for Harley either; he likes to lie in the boot and sleep until he has reached his destination and shows not indication of travel sickness which can affect some young pups. Lauren also has plans to take Harley on his first bus and train journeys soon.

When his collar and lead were introduced, Harley did scratch at the collar a little but this is quite normal for a young pup. When he sees that his lead is going to be put on, he gets quite excited and at the start of a walk he will chew on the lead a little but at this stage this is not a concern.

When he is not in training, Harley likes to play with one of his many toys. Harley has quite a short attention span when he is playing so he doesn’t really have a favourite but instead steadily works his way through them all. Harley does have a favourite blanket though which he always takes to bed with him, as well as a little teddy which he likes to carry around each morning after it has spent the night with him.

Harley is a lovely little pup and he has made a great start to his training. We hope that you will enjoy following his adventures over the next few months and we look forward to showing you his first report card soon.