NCS Grads and Leos go to LazerWorld

Over 50 Grads in attendance for the first Meet-Up of the year!

Over 50 Young People from Crawley attended the first Grad Meet-Up (GMU) post Summer 2017 on the 26th September at Laser World Crawley in Spindle Way. The Leos, led by Chris Cook were joined by Graduates from Summer 2016 and 2017, as well as some young people preparing to take part in the Autumn 2017 programme.

The event gave the young people a chance to meet NCS participants from different waves, giving them yet another chance to get involved in social mixing, as well as seeing all of their friends that they had been missing from programme.

It was a fantastic turnout for the first GMU since finishing the Summer programme, and was fantastic to see so many of our young people who took part over the Summer. NCS is more than just a four-week programme; graduates have access to exclusive local and national opportunities as a result of taking part, with local events in Crawley giving participants a chance to stay involved with volunteering and social action.

“We’re incredibly proud of our local Grad offer, and especially so of our partnership with the Lions Club” says Elinor Adie, NCS Coordinator for Crawley, “I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing work that we can do together with the Leos club in the coming year. Our aim is to give graduates as many opportunities to get involved as possible, through social events like Lazer World, as well as social action ventures. Our GMU in October will focus on our first Graduate social action project – ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, which I’m really excited about!”.

Grad Meet-Ups will take place on the third Monday of each month, between 6-8pm at the Stadium in Broadfield, and will rotate between focusing on Social Action and Social Mixing.

“It was fabulous to see our new Leo’s and the NCS Grads mixing together” said Chris Cook, President of Crawley Lions Club, “We look forward to working jointly with Elinor and Crawley Town Community Foundation to carry on making a difference in Crawley.”

NCS runs across Sussex throughout summer and autumn holidays and costs no more than £50, which covers the entire experience from food and accommodation to activities and travel, with bursaries available on a case by case basis.

Young people and their parents can register their interest today on For further information about the NCS Grad Scheme or Leos, please contact: Elinor Adie, NCS Coordinator:; 07545 853917


Supporting Oriel’s ‘Conversation Conservation’ Area

Crawley Lions Club Centennial Legacy Project.

Katie Jordan, Community Development Co-Cordinator, Oriel High School was delighted to receive gardening and forest equipment for use with the school projects.
Crawley Lions Club were pleased to make the donation to the Crawley school who aim to develop their existing garden area and to involve more students. The creation of a ‘Conversation Conservation’ area will also be a place for people from the school, additionally the Youth Club and members of the local community, to come together and enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills of gardening through intergenerational projects. The final aim of the garden is to grow enough produce to share with the community though baked sales and vegetable sales, to provide donations to local homeless charities.

The forrest equipment will be used to further develop the Forrest School which offers a unique educational experience using the outdoor environment of a local Forrest. The programme offers small groups of students regular opportunities to achieve, and develop confidence through hands on learning in a woodland environment. The woodland provides students with endless opportunities for den building, games and exploration. With a clear set of safety routines and boundaries it allows students to develop a responsible attitude to risk.
Benefits of the Forrest School include:

  • increases the self-esteem and self-confidence of individuals who take part.
    counters a lack of motivation and negative attitude to learning
    improves motivation and encourages concentration
    increases the skills and knowledge of the individuals who take part

Crawley Lions Club, are part of Lions Clubs International who are celebrating their centennial this year.

Clearing the weeds

One of our best partners in helping the local community is A Band of Brothers. Their team of young men have volunteered throughout the year and we were pleased to provide the necessary funds to help them clear the garden for a local family who needed some help. You can see the challenges they faced in the pictures below.


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A trip to the seaside

Crawley Lions has supported many groups throughout the year. During the summer we funded a day trip to Littlehampton for Carers Support West Sussex.

The support worker Sasha writes: “A big thank you from all the Carers and Cared for the lovely day out. We are attaching some pictures of our day.”

Other feedback from the day:

‘Thank you for funding our trip to Littlehampton. We had a lovely break and we had the opportunity to go as a family’

‘I haven’t been to seaside for years thanks to Carers Support and Crawley Lions I made it this year’

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Celebrating 15 years of service

Crawley Lions Club President, Mike Sexton was very pleased to congratulate Lion Rob Pullinger for completing 15 years of service to the Lions.

To commemorate this great achievement Rob was presented with a chevron in recognition of his services together with a letter of appreciation from the Lions International President. Crawley Lions President Mike Sexton commented ” Rob has been a great servant to the Lions and he deserves to be recognised for his dedication in helping the Lions to help those who are in need”

Lion Rob presented with an award for 15 years of service by Lion President Mike Sexton

Books & A Latte

Crawley Lions in partnership with Starbucks in Crawley have now placed our second-hand bookstore next to the ordering queue. All donations made support our work in the community.

Thank you to the great support from Starbucks Management and the Local Manager, Tibor.

With both of our stalls here and at Gatwick Station we urgently need more second hand paperback novels for sale. Please email us at and we can arrange a pickup.

Happy New Year from the Lions

To all of our members, volunteers and supporters we would like to thank you for all of your help.

Over the past few months we have made the following donations:

  • £1000 donation to Open House Homeless Centre. Christmas Lunch for 60 homeless people.
  • £500 donation to Band of Brothers/Age UK for Christmas lunch at local hotel for 60 elderly people.
  • £1000 Forest School project learning for children from trouble backgrounds and struggling with the formal school curriculum.
  • £460 to Crawley Community and Voluntary Service towards social therapy for local residents suffering long-term illnesses.
  • £250 to renovate an elderly Lady resident’s garden for her and her family’s therapeutic use.
  • £75 towards transport to London Eye hospital for daughter of young couple with eye cancer.
  • £100 ASDA food voucher for disabled Dad with 2 young children.
  • £50 Food voucher to elderly cancer suffering gentleman.

With your help we can make this, the centennial year for Lions Club International, one where we can serve our community in even more diverse ways.

If you would like to join us as a member or just support our events please get in touch through our website.